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Ayurveda and Skin Care in Rishikesh

Ayurveda and Skin Care in Rishikesh

Ayurveda has given great importance to Skin care and management. Indian method of skin care and management is safe and side effect free. The division of PITTA dosha named Brajaka controls color and complexion of skin. According to Ayurveda each individual has different constitution and skin. Maintaining one’s own skin tone and complexion needs assessment on dosha basis.

An Ayurveda specialist can help assessing the skin. After making proper assessment, one can choose the Ayurvedic treatments and products suitable for their particular skin.

Maintaining skin color and complexion, boosting skin tone and treating skin diseases are the various topics under Ayurveda skin management.

Charaka Samhita explains Varnyadasemani, ten complexion and colour promoter drugs. They are used for maintaining skin colour and skin tone boosting.

The ten drugs are as follows:

– Santalum album

– Calophyllus inophyllum

– Prunus cerasoides

– Vetiveria zizaniodes

– Glycyrrhiza glabra

– Rubia cordifolia

– Hemidesmus indicus

– Ipomea paniculata

– Cynodon doctylon (white)

– Cynodon doctylon (black)

All these drugs are used externally as Lepa (external paste or mask) and internally as decoction.

Kumkumadi lepa and Rakta Chandana (Pterocarpus santalinus) are popular and commonly used Ayurveda cosmetics. Kumkumadi oil is used for nasyam for curing darkening of facial skin. Rakta chandana is used as a paste and applied over the face as a mask. It can be applied at night and must wash face before the paste dries up.

Skin diseases and treatment

General line of treatment of skin concentrates on vitiated Pitta dosha pacifying or pitta dosha expulsion. Around 10% of the general practice includes skin cases. Psoriasis , Ringworm, Scabies and Eczema can be seen in a clinical practice. Ayurveda has solution for majority of skin diseases with good prognosis.

Common medications used:

1) Bhunimbadi churna – is a poly herbal powder with Swertia chirata as the main drug. This is mentioned by Acharya Vaghbhata.

2) Manibhadra guda – is a confection prepared with Embelia ribes, Phyllanthus emblica and Terminalia chebula as major constituents. It is added in chapter of skin diseases in Ashtanga Hrudaya textbook.

3) Turmeric (Curcuma longa) oil is very effective in skin diseases and Turmetric paste alone is applied over the skin for increasing complexion.

4) Neem leaves (Azadirachta indica) and bark paste is applied in many skin diseases. Neem is a good and effective antimicrobial drug.

5) Saptasama gulika is also a popular combination used in Skin diseases. Dried ginger (Zingiberae officinale), Pepper (Piper nigrum) and Pippali (Piper longum) are the major constituents of Saptasama gulika.

6) Special Nasyam (nasal medication) , Mukha lepam, Rasayana treatment, Takra dhara etc are also beneficial for various skin ailments.

The nature friendly attitude of people is giving more importance to natural methods of cure for all diseases. Side effect free nature of Ayurveda medicine is giving popularity in cosmetic as well as medical industry. As the human beings are from nature, all the requirements will be full-filled by nature. Follow natural measures for cure and care of skin diseases.