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Ayurveda and Pain Management in Rishikesh

Ayurveda and Pain Management in Rishikesh

In Charaka Samhita, Acharya (guru) have added the importance of caring one’s own body and mind for longevity. In that context Acharya says that ‘one must care the body and mind like a charioteer leading his chariot perfectly in a war front’.

As the age advances an individual always undergoes degenerative changes . Hectic work schedule and busy life style results in less self care. Ayurveda teaches to open the day with the thought of one’s own mind and body.

Kalam (time and seasons), Artham (the sense and object interaction), and Karmam (actions) if happens in less, excess or improper way can lead to disease according to Ayurveda.

Among the symptoms “Pain” plays an important role. Ayurveda considers body and mind together in approaching any individual. The pain management in Ayurveda also has body and mind treatment aspects. “Mana Sareerayorapitapam Parasparam Anuvrajeth” – means body and mind are always connected, a disease to body will affect mind and vice versa.

The diseases of locomotor system (bones, joints and muscles) have good prognosis in Ayurveda. Range of movement, swelling and pain are the major aspects treated in a locomotor disease. Among the above mentioned aspect “PAIN “ stands at first because any other symptom is bearable by a human being.

The life style of present day is major cause of general tiredness , muscular ache and joint pains. Ayurveda has preventive and treatment aspects in all diseases with good prognosis.

Preventive aspect

Less usage, over usage and improper usage of a Muscle or a Joint may cause pain and discomfort. One must find time to do minimum exercise for keeping the body and mind fit and stable. Leisure breaks in between continuous activities helps in mental as well as physical stress relief. Posture of body plays major role in keeping away joint disorders.

Activities like long duration riding, sitting, standing with an improper posture can precipitate the pain causative factors. Avoiding wrong posture and understanding correct posture is very important in preventing occupational pain and discomfort.

Treatment aspects

According to Ayurveda, Vata humor is the causative humoral element of pain. The mode of line of treatment is Vata dosha pacifying with Samana medicines or expelling out the vitiated humor out of the body using Shodana medicines.

Medicinal Plants used in pain management.

Charaka Samhita quotes ten drugs which can be used for pain relief:

– Shorea robusta

– Myrica nagi

– Anthocephalus indices

– Prunus cerasoides

– Xanthoxylon alatum

– Salmalia malabarica

– Albezzia lebbeck

– Salix caprea

– Brunus cerasus

– Seraca indica

The above mentioned plants are used to make different formulations (decoction, ghee, oils) and consumed as per medical advice.

Ayurveda Therapies used in Pain management

The designing of a therapy or an internal medication is done after the complete analysis of the patient’s body and mind. Vata dosha alone or in combination with other dosha can get vitiated and may cause pain.

Therapies used in different medical conditions:

– General body or joint pain – Abhyanga or oil massage in a continuous flow with proper pressure can be used for general body pain and joint pain

– Pain with swelling – In the condition of pain associated with swelling, lepa or ointment can be applied at first and after reduction of swelling oil usage is suggestive

– Low back ache – Vasthi (Ayurveda equivalent of enema) is suggestive

– Rehabilitation after a trauma or for a particular disease – In such conditions, a group of treatments is designed with internal as well as external medications. Internal medicines and external therapies in combination helps in complete cure of the disease or discomfort.

Various decoctions according to context and therapies like Abhyanga, Kizhi, Dhara, Pizhichil etc. are used in Pain management. All the medications are having a quality to win Vata dosha and thus reduces pain.

Ayurveda therapies can be also used for wellness of the body. Properly analysing of the body constitution (Prakriti) is made at first and Ayurveda specialist will suggest a combination of treatments. Such wellness treatment helps in detoxification and rejuvenation of the body.

Cure the body and mind from all pain and diseases as fast as possible before they take away our ability to get cured. Protect the body and mind like a King protects the border from invaders. For attaining the above aim, follow Ayurveda and stay healthy always.